what NO 25 year old HAS EVER DONE | Yes Theory

what NO 25 year old HAS EVER DONE | Yes Theory

I was going through a quarter life crisis, thinking I hadn't achieved enough...and then I remembered what truly mattered: my relationships. So I decided to invite 25 strangers to my 25th birthday party. Thanks for watching and thank you for your consistent support. You guys truly make us feel special. Much love -Matt


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  • Michele

    I just started watching your videos and have been re-inspired to live my life more fully. Last time I said YES was almost 10 years ago when I graduated college when my oldest friend invited me to Vegas for a stay at her house as a celebration for my success (when my family had no interest in my life or being part of any happy for me). l have always been a good, quiet, by the books person but it didn’t ever resonate with my parents or sisters. I had never been on a plane or left my hometown but something inside told me to not say NO. I loved every second the experience! Fast forward to today, and I find myself still struggling with the complacency of what I think I am supposed to do rather than ‘seeking discomfort’ to thrive. I’m still the girl who has to say “I’ve never done that” more often than not (bewilderd looks aplenty). I want to say thank you for what your are accomplishing and would love some inspiration/advice on how to take myself further into the human experience.

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