What do you
want to make?

What we do

Product Sourcing + Development

We are confident in our ability to develop just about anything brought to our attention. With connections at the best factories around the world we are able to generate multiple quotes and competitive pricing. We are capable of producing and laying out options for anything you dream up - environmentally conscious products, cut and sew garments, accessories, etc. 


Our creative team has you covered on all design and content creation needs. We offer in house design work, pairing you with a designer that best fits your creative desires and needs. Our designers are experienced on our product offerings and well versed in fashion to give input when needed and take creative control where necessary.  They work closely with you to develop your collection, make any changes along the way - ending with a final project everyone is happy with. Leave your final product in our team’s hands with the option of flat lays, lifestyle photography, and styled imagery.


The option of developing a customized website stands. We have a skilled team to communicate with you in regards to desires, aesthetics, and features. With the option of advertising and e-mail marketing services, your collection is always in front of your fan base and new eyes. Leave the strain of website management in our hands. 


Our new vertically integrated warehouse has the ability to take on your project from printing to order fulfillment. With everything under one roof, we have full control to move quickly from embellishment to fulfillment using top of the line machines and technology. Specializing in drop model launches, we have the ability to produce and ship faster than anywhere around. We ship thousands of packages a day and are able to handle large spikes in volume with little notice. High volume discounts allow us to provide the best rates to clients across carriers.

Customer Service

The stress of customer care is handled by our team - with 10+ representatives who answer over 15,000 tickets a month with a response time in less than 14 hours. We are prepared to scale up while you grow.

Who we are


Zack was an early employee of Shopify, helping retail first streetwear brands grow online through creative marketing campaigns while watching Shopify grow from a small Canadian based start-up to its IPO with over 4,000 employees.


Zack Left Shopify in 2018 to help creators build brands full time.


As co-founder of Serengetee, Ryan grew international supply chains, manufacturing networks, and shipping logistics that Fan of a Fan is built upon.


Ryan left Serengetee in 2019 to help creators build products full time.


Yes Theory is a team of creators with over 5M+ subscribers on YouTube who make inspirational content around the philosophy that the best things in life are outside of your comfort zone.


Yes Theory co-founded Fan of a Fan after noticing that creators had no good brand building businesses available to them.